What are SARMs?

Selective androgen regulators (SARMs) are comparatively new drugs that bind to male hormones or androgen receptors in the body. They contain muscle building or anabolic properties but target specific tissue types.

SARMs build bone and muscle and fight muscle waste due to age and disease. Lately, brands of dietary supplements have been selling them to bodybuilders and athletes for their capacity to increase strength with fewer side effects than steroids.

How do SARMs work?

SARMs are researched chemicals that initiate the androgen receptors in the cells, causing them to grow.

Testosterone is a critical muscle-building hormone. It is an androgen or male hormone, but it is found in both men and women. While anabolic steroids raise testosterone levels throughout the body, SARMs only bind to androgen receptors in specific muscles, tissues, and bones.

Selective regulators of non-steroidal androgen receptors send messages to the cells to build more bone and muscle, giving you more gain in the gym. Sure, you need to gain weight and eat a healthy diet to see results, but SARMs can improve your muscles’ reactions to those stimuli.

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